This time find out about our next ship, some of the easiest places to cruise to and more!

Folks are excited about Mardi Gras’ debut… and it’s easy to see why! Kicking things off in 2021 is the first ship anywhere on this side of the world powered by LNG (that’s liquefied natural gas — clean!). This ship isn’t just a technical innovator, but a fun one: it’s also got the first rollercoaster at sea, amazing dining, entertainment and more!

Getting your cruise started close to where you live is a smart way to leave all that travel stress at home, and have more energy for the good stuff. So if you’ve got Caribbean on your mind and in your heart, get this one on your calendar.

For a land that’s not very far, visiting Mexico very much gets you away. And cruising your way there with Carnival makes sure it’s fun! Explore perhaps the most beautiful region of Mexico’s Pacific Coast — the “Mexican Riviera” — on your next cruise.

You can take a short vacation and still absolutely max it out with fun. Carnival Sunrise®, one seriously upgraded ship, makes sure of it! So let’s add up the good stuff: beautiful destinations, amazing ship, sailing from Miami… what’s not to like?

Who’s first on Carnival Radiance’s list? It’s Long Beach! You guys are getting one seriously transformed ship next April when this fan-fave, sporting a fresh new name, kicks things off with short cruises to beautiful Baja Mexico.

Hey Mobile, did you hear about the great ship you’re going to be getting? If not, let’s fix that: it’s Carnival Sensation®, and this one comes packing three waterslides, burgers from Guy Fieri, Seuss at Sea and way more fun!