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Huatulco, Mexico

Where the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains meet the Pacific Ocean, you’ll find a charming resort town that boasts an incredible natural bounty: nine bays and so many beaches — dozens! — that the idea of a crowded beach become an impossibility. While Huatulco is well-equipped to welcome visitors, much of the area has been critically set aside for nature reserves… in this rainforest-rich destination you’re never far from the best of either of these worlds. The nearby Copalita River and its over 200 species is a birdwatcher’s paradise, plus there’s relics dating back to 500 B.C. still being uncovered at an archaeological site. The nearby artisanal town of La Crucecita features a verdant plaza-park that’s a local crossroads, and a church that’s home to an impressive edge-to-edge ceiling mural. Regional Oaxacan cuisine is among Mexico’s most iconic culinary exports — think tamales and tortillas — and you’ll find it’s well-worth enjoying these fresh from the source.

  • Lose count of just how many species of birds you’ve spotted along the lush Copalita River.
  • Hop from spectacular bay to spectacular bay — Santa Cruz, Tangolunda, Chahue, Organo are just a few great spots to see the sand meet the Pacific Ocean.
  • Catch a cooking demonstration of local delicacies at community kitchen Piedra de Moros.
  • Discover Mexico’s largest ecological reserve alongside stunning beaches at Bahia de Huatulco.