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Seville (Cádiz), Spain

Cádiz dates back to 1100 B.C., making it actually one of the oldest cities not just in the region of Andalusia, not just in Spain, but in all of Europe! The city’s strategic location at the mouth of the Mediterranean may explain its architectural landscape — which features over 100 watchtowers — and a clue to why it’s home to Spain’s navy. Further inland in the region is the city of Seville, which boasts a past not quite as long, but definitely rich with history! Highlights in Seville include the 1,100-year-old royal palace of Alcazar replete with gardens and fountains, an opulent 15th-century cathedral — actually, Europe’s third largest — and even the hillside village Arcos de la Frontera, whose city center was officially declared a national artistic-historic monument.