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Las Palmas, Canary Islands

Las Palmas, the capital of Grand Canaria in the Canary Islands, has been aptly dubbed “the best climate in the world.” With an average annual temperature of 70 °F and hardly any rain, people flock to what they call the “Round Island” (because of its almost circular shape) year round. The weather you'll enjoy, but the sights and tranquil atmosphere are what you’ll adore. Walk around the old city of Vegueta with its rich history and stop at the Catedral de Santa Ana. If you climb up the tower of this Atlantic Gothic building, you can capture stunning views of Las Palmas, with its charming towns and volcanic craters. Or you can just lay out and relax on one of the many beautiful beaches, like Las Canteras, which is ideal for swimming and snorkeling, due to La Barra reef’s protection from huge waves during the low tide.

  • Visit the Columbus Museum (Casa Museo de Colón), dedicated to the history of Christopher Columbus’ voyages and his visits to our islands.
  • Witness the beautiful Basilica de la Virgin del Piño in the main plaza of Teror – the site where the Virgin Mary appeared to local shepherds in a vision.
  • Walk through the Jardín Botánico Canario (meaning “Botanical Garden of the Canaries”) that focuses on all the botanical beauties common to the Canary Islands.