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La Coruña, Spain

Anything dubbed the Tower of Hercules commands a bit of attention, and so does La Coruña, Spain, the site on which this iconic 180-foot-tall lighthouse stands. Located in Galicia, La Coruña is considered the third holiest site in all Christendom, attracting pilgrims in droves as they make their way to Santiago de Compostela, where St. James the Apostle is believed to have been buried. Rich in tradition and rich in celebration, Galicia is also said to be home to more than 750 beaches and host to 4,000 parties annually. If you are here to set off on a quiet retreat into the mystical, or rejoice until the nines with vino and tapas by the ocean breeze, you’re certainly in for something unforgettable at La Coruña, Spain.