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When you take a Carnival cruise to Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, you’ll discover a mix of old and new. An exceptional city of design, Helsinki offers a wonderful mix of old and new, with neoclassical buildings from the 1800s that delightfully complement stunning modern architecture. Situated on the edge of a leafy peninsula in a pocket of the Baltic Sea, Helsinki has stunning geographical features such as pebbled esplanades and tree-filled parks you won’t want to miss. Experience avant-garde museums, shop for accessories and fashion and remember to bring your camera along while you’re tackling your bucket list.

  • Spend an afternoon at the Kiasma contemporary art museum.
  • Visit Suomenlinna, a massive 18th-century sea fortress.
  • Admire the beautiful neoclassical buildings of Helsinki.
  • Visit Helsinki’s leafy outskirts, where Finns have perfected enjoying the good life.