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Hellesylt, Norway

Hellesylt is a picturesque, small village in Norway, a mere ten miles from Geiranger. The tiny village of only 200 people sits at the head of the Sunnylvsfjorden, a beautiful fjord that eventually splits and branches off into the striking Geirangerfjord nearby. Like the other nearby villages, Hellesylt is surrounded by massive, impressive mountains and striking waterfalls. Many well-preserved farmhouses sit impressively atop what seems like impossible edges of hills and mountains, and its lush valleys make for great photo backdrops. Visit the massive Hellesylt waterfall in the center of the village, set between two bridges with water plunging down the refined, granite stones. Take a hike up one of the many mountains for breathtaking views, or take a kayak ride through the beautiful fjord, and marvel at nature’s wondrous beauty. The scenic options are endless in this beautiful village and nautical utopia.

Note: Hellesylt works differently than most other destinations. Only guests who have purchased a shore excursion will be permitted to debark, but everybody can check out the scenery from the ship.

  • Go trekking or cycling in the Kjellstaddalen Valley, and see the natural phenomena called the "Troll's Pot."
  • Visit nearby Geirangerfjord, for extraordinary views and scenic backdrops.
  • Experience the rare and fascinating carvings at the Peer Gynt Gallery.