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Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden, but comes in first when you're looking at the biggest seaports across of all the Nordic countries. Located on the west coast, at the mouth of the Göta älv river, Gothenburg features a great assortment of elegance — everything from castles to canals to stylish buildings. For a bit of city culture, visit Götaplatsen, where a bronze statue of Poseidon and its fountain sit in the central square along with the city’s museum and concert hall. Or seize the opportunity to slow things down with a short boat ride to the southern archipelago. The very small islands don’t allow cars, giving life a much gentler pace. For residents, days consist of fishing, sailing and other marine activities… but even for someone like you who's just dropping in, a visit can make you feel worlds away from city life.

  • Catch an ocean view… from a castle! Head to the peninsula and indulge in the 16th century Gothic style.
  • Take a scenic ride on the canals of the city for a memorable experience.
  • Shop the small stuff — the city center is a cornucopia of independent vintage and couture clothing shops, electronics stores and more.