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Often dubbed “the most beautiful fjord in the world,” Geirangerfjord is nine miles of winding, stunning beauty that sits at the head of the small, quaint village of Geiranger. Marvel at the lush greenery, snow-capped mountains and majestic waterfalls — like Seven Sister Falls, which boasts up to 820-feet falls within seven streams. Take the winding roads to the peak of Mount Dalsnibba, situated over 4,700 feet above sea level with captivating views that span over 100 miles. When you’ve gotten your fill of photographic memories, take a walk through the charming village, hike the surroundings, sample local fare, or travel a little further and visit the towering Briksdal Glacier, with its breathtaking views.

  • Enjoy a kayak ride through the Geirangerfjord, surrounded by some of the steepest mountain walls in the west coast.
  • Visit the oldest operating farm in Geiranger, situated high up in the mountains that overlook lush green valleys.
  • Enjoy local Nordic treats like cured meats and freshly caught fish at a local restaurant, or enjoy raspberry beer at the town’s brewery.