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Funchal (Madeira), Portugal

Toast your cruise to Madeira, Portugal, with a glass of sweet local wine. Located over 500 miles southwest of Portugal, this paradise is a “Garden Island” with a mountainous volcanic landscape covered in flower–filled vegetation. Swirling mosaic–patterned pavements decorate its main city Funchal, centered on the Praça do Município. It’s easy to enjoy the sweet scents of flowers and salty sea air when you set sail on your cruise to Portugal.

  • Ascend one mile in a cable car to Monte, overlooking the harbor and cliffs.
  • Experience a thrilling toboggan or “snowless” sled ride downhill to Livramento.
  • Explore the exotic specimens of local flora at Madeira Botanical Gardens.
  • Stroll the Praça do Município—its mosaics were made from lava rock.
  • Enjoy every detail of the lush backdrop with a leisurely drive to Camacha.