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Andalsnes, Norway

Let’s talk trolls! Andalsnes features two points of interest that might not be actually home to the legendary creatures, but you could at least say that the little guys definitely loom large in the local imagination! Trollveggen (the Troll Wall) is over 3,600 feet of vertical rock that’s not just visually impressive but also is the longest rock-climbing route in Europe. Then there’s Trollistigen (Troll’s Path), a winding valley road made of hairpin turns that runs through an incredible elevated valley — get this view from the Trollstigheimen (you try to translate this one!) lookout point and you’ll also catch a Stigfoss waterfall vista as a bonus. But there’s more to see outside of trollville! Back down around sea level is the famous and dramatic Atlantic Ocean Road, voted one of the world’s most spectacular roads, as well as Europe’s northernmost orchard.