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Kick back amidst the sun-kissed pleasures of a pink-sand paradise on Carnival cruises to King’s Wharf. This British overseas territory of Bermuda has a rich naval heritage… plus powdery beaches fringed in coconut palms. Located at the very tip of Bermuda’s glittering archipelago of over 100 islets and cays, King’s Wharf was made for lounging in the Gulf Stream’s balmy subtropical clime, which meanders between Bermuda and mainland North America.

  • Explore underwater shipwrecks in the turquoise seas. 
  • Dig your feet into the soft pink sand on one of Bermuda’s 34 beautiful beaches. 
  • Tee up on world-class golf courses on a King’s Wharf, Bermuda cruise. 
  • Join the Bermudans for a proper British afternoon tea.